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Film music (originally posted 4-1-2009)   no comments

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About fifteen yeras ago I was asked to consult on a project called the Union Catalog of Motion Picture Music. The project has not advanced, although the research it was invented to serve has done so nicely. I’m once again visiting with these folks at a symposium at USC concerning musicological film studies.

There seem to be two essential problems for this domain–the musicological study of film music. First, that sources are missing, lost, dispersed, or non-existent. The second is that the sources are not of a traditional sort. This is to say, there probably are no definitive full scores, and of what does exist, much is in private or industry hands or has been lost. So here are two pdf’s–the symposium program, and a pdf of my PowerPoint slides (with references added at the end).

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Chaim Zins and the Map of Human Knowledge (originally posted 1-5-2009)   no comments

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See his paper in the 2006 ISKO Proceedings. Then please visit the site:

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NASKO domain analysis (originally posted 6-19-2009)   no comments

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Greetings from rainy Syracuse. This is a small group (around 20 people at any given moment), but the program and the business meeting have both been fascinating. The 10 papers are all really pithy. Based around the concept of North American pioneers, the proceedings are here: As part of my paper developed using author co-citation analysis of North American KO authors I ran up a quick co-citation analysis from the 10 papers: there were two clusters–Smiraglia, Miksa, and Shera in one; Hjorland, Mai, Tennis, Olson, and Bates in the other–the conceptual basis of the clusters seems to be bibliographic classification and fundamentals of KO. The link between the clusters stretches from Shera to Hjorland (which I thought was fascinating). The cluster on faceting (La Barre, Cochrane, Richmond, Ranganathan) dropped off while I was trying to make the map readable; when I have more time I’ll run it again. Anyway, stay tuned ….

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Zins’ Pillars (originally posted 1-25-2009)   no comments

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In Spring of 2008 there was a lively discussion on ISKO-L concerning Zins’ method for creating the pillars in his worldmap of human knowledge, which is a sort of classification/encyclopedia KOS. Sort of. Here are the comments as I archived them at the time.bh_cz-pillars

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ISKO 10 Citations (originally posted 1-24-2009)   no comments

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As editor of the journal Knowledge Organization I have been observing the citations in various papers by different authors. My casual observation that there was little conformity among authors has led to a few small studies of literature in knowledge organization. It is particularly simple to analyze the proceedings of individual conferences to discover whether the papers illustrate any common core. Last summer’s North American Symposium was discussed in v. 34 no. 2; this summer’s 10th International Conference is summarized in v. 35 no. 4. For the latter I produced an Excel spreadsheet, which is somewhat messy, but you can download it from here should you want to play with it. (ISKO_10_citations)

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